Environment preparation


I would like to show you how to prepare your local environment, which can be used to work with test automation. Repository I forked can be found here:




To prepare environment you need a Git tool. How to install Git?


Besides Git you need the Docker:


When we have Git, we need to execute following command in terminal in our local directory:

git clone https://github.com/12masta/aspnetcore-realworld-example-app.git

Switch to downloaded directory by:

cd aspnetcore-realworld-example-app

When you have Docker, go to directory which was created after git clone command execution. Now in terminal execute command:

make build

And then:

make run

After those steps under URL


You should have access to API documentation. This part is finished, now it’s time for front.



To be able to build project frontend, you need a nmp tool which can be installed along with node.js. How to install?


When you will have npm, open a terminal and execute command in directory in which you would like to create a project:

git clone https://github.com/12masta/react-redux-realworld-example-app.git

Switch directory by typing:

cd react-redux-realworld-example-app

Now execute to install all required dependencies

npm install

And then run our local server

npm start

Assemble all together

Remember, to ensure the application works correctly, after command

npm start

It is required also to start backend part. That means from level of directory cloned by git, we need to execute command:

make run

For any reason you need to change backend URL address, here’s a file which you need to edit:


And variable to adjust:


For example: