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Introduction into Cypress »

Hi, I would like to share with you my own technique of creating tests with usage of Cypress tool. I to describe here a process of creating e2e tests for application build on backend (ASP.NET Core) and frontend (React).

Environment preparation »

I would like to show you how to prepare your local environment, which can be used to work with test automation.

Quality Assurance

Are you looking for a Quality Assurance Engineer? Do you need to automate test processes in your company? You have a problem with the quality of the code in your organization? You've come to the right place to solve these problems!

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I am passionate about creating test frameworks that improve the work of development teams, they are effective and easy to maintain.

Complete solutions

Your business is unique. The delivery method should also be like this. I create comprehensive quality assurance solutions to publish the highest quality software every time.

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On time

I provide on-time services without compromising on quality.

Keep you updated

My clients are informed at every stage of the software production process. No surprises. A simple point of view.

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